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Seamless Pipe Long-term Storage and Maintenance

Date:2024-01-24    keywords: seamless pipe storage, seamless pipe maintenance, seamless steel pipe & tube transportation
Seamless pipe (SMLS pipe) is an important pipe widely used in petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, electric power, aviation and other fields. In order to ensure the quality and performance of seamless steel pipes, they must be stored correctly during use. To ensure long-term storage and maintenance of seamless pipes, here are some suggestions from Permanent Steel carbon steel pipe manufacturer:

1. Storage environment
Seamless pipes should be stored in dry, ventilated, corrosive gas-free warehouses or open spaces. Avoid being stored together with flammable and explosive items, and prevent them from being soaked by rainwater to avoid corrosion. The temperature of the storage environment should be maintained between 0°C-35°C, and the humidity should be controlled within the range of 50%-70%. High temperature and humidity will cause surface corrosion of seamless steel pipes and reduce their service life.

2. Prevent damage

During handling, storage and transportation, it is necessary to avoid collision and friction with hard objects to avoid scratching the surface; avoid contact with other metal materials, chemicals, etc., to avoid corrosion and damage to the seamless steel pipe; wooden pallets or wooden pallets can be used. Plastic gaskets isolate the steel pipe from other items, maintaining the integrity of its surface. At the same time, anti-slip measures should be taken to ensure safe handling.

 seamless steel pipe storage

3. Surface cleaning
Regular cleaning of seamless steel pipes is an important step in maintaining their appearance and extending their service life. Before storing and using seamless pipes, their surfaces should be cleaned to remove dust, impurities and rust. It can be wiped with warm water and neutral detergent and a soft cloth, and rust can be removed if necessary. If rust or corrosion is found, repair and coating maintenance should be carried out promptly to prevent further damage.

4. Regular inspection
Regularly inspect the appearance and internal conditions of seamless pipes, especially welds and corrosion. If abnormalities are found, timely measures should be taken to repair or replace the pipes to ensure their normal use.

5. Anti-corrosion measures
Depending on the use environment and requirements, anti-corrosion measures can be taken to extend the service life of seamless pipes. Common anti-corrosion methods include spraying anti-rust paint, hot-dip galvanizing, epoxy coating, etc.

6. Regular lubrication
For parts that need to move or rotate, such as threaded connections or transmissions, regular lubrication and maintenance should be performed and appropriate lubricants should be used to ensure their flexible operation and prevent rust. Seamless steel pipes that have been idle for a long time should be rotated and turned over regularly to avoid deformation caused by long-term pressure. In addition, maintenance can also be carried out according to usage, such as applying rust inhibitor, adding desiccant, etc.

7. Safe storage
During long-term storage, attention should be paid to safe storage and avoid stacking too high or too heavy to avoid tipping or crushing. At the same time, the types and specifications of pipes are clearly marked in the storage area to facilitate access and management. Special pallets, racks or brackets can be used to stack steel pipes to ensure they are stable and will not fall over. During transportation, anti-shock measures should be taken to avoid collision and extrusion, and to prevent deformation or damage of steel pipes.

8. Create a file
For the storage and maintenance of seamless pipes, archival records should be established, including storage time, maintenance measures, inspection results, etc., for future traceability and reference.


By following the above recommendations, you can ensure long-term storage and maintenance of seamless pipes, extend their service life, and improve work efficiency. Measures such as regular inspection, cleaning and lubrication are important steps to ensure pipe quality and safe operation.

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