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Laborer: a worker, especially one who does manual work; 

Foreman: a workman who supervises a group of workers, especially in a factory; 

Supervisor: a person who supervises, watches over, directs, guides, and oversees others in a factory. 

Main laborers:

Pipe fitter
lays out, installs, maintains, and repairs all types of pipelines, fittings, and fixtures in plant maintenance and construction
sets up and operates all types of machine tools and performs all types of layout, fitting, and assembly work
lays out, fabricates, assembles, erects, and makes repairs for all types of structural, boiler, and plate work
performs welding, brazing, and cutting on any type of metal
forges, hammer-welds, and heat treats iron and steel materials in the construction, maintenance, and repeal of plant equipment
inspects, repairs, replaces, installs, adjusts, and maintains all mechanical equipment in a major unit or assigned area
lays brick and performs masonry work in plant maintenance and construction
Motor inspector
inspects, repairs, replaces, installs, adjusts, and maintains all electrical equipment in a major unit or assigned area (ie: mechanical repairs to cranes and other electrical service)
directs the movement of cars on general plant switching and assures that all freight is dispatched to its proper destination

Specific professinal worker in different production-line:

Production-line Type Working
Bloor, Slab, Billet Mills 
removes cinder from under the soaking pits
Blooming Mill Roller
directs and controls the operation of a blooming mill to process ingots into slabs and blooms
does all the necessary hooking in the billet mill billet yard
burns out defects on billets, slabs, and blooms with a hand scarfing torch, and checks and marks the surface defects
Blast Furnace
Stove Tender
operates the hot blast stoves for two blast furnaces
directs and performs work to prepare for casting and flushing a blast furnace
fills mud guns, assists in preparing the iron trough
Pig Machine Operator 
fills mud guns, assists in preparing the iron trough
cleans blast furnace tops, water scale, and stove top platforms
Skull Cracker Craneman
operates the blast furnace skull cracker crane
Plate Mill 
Salt Thrower 
throws salt on slabs to remove scale as they enter the plate mill rolls
Open Hearth
Charging Machine Operator
operates the charging machine to place scrap and other materials into open hearth furnaces
First Helper 
operates an open hearth furnace
Stripper Craneman 
operates an overhead electric traveling crane
Bar Mills 
sets up, adjusts, and regulates the rolls and guides on a continuous roughing train of a bar mill;
Bar Catcher 
catches the bar from one roll stand, loops and feeds it into the next stand
Hot Strip Mills
Coil Slitter
sets up and operates a slitter line, slitting the coiled strip
operates the equipment to coil or stack products being rolled on a mill
Cold Strip and Sheet Mill
Batch Pickler 
operates a plunger type pickling unit in pickling the sheet product
Flying Shearman
sets up and operates a flying shear in slitting and end shearing the coiled strip steel to sheets
Shot Blaster 
sets up and operates shot blaster in removing scale and preparing the sheet product surfaces for coating
assist in the movement of freight cars in general plant switching, throwing switches, disengaging couplings, and signaling the engineer
Coke Plant
Car Dumper Operator 
operates the car dumper in dumping the coal cars
operates the coke screening station
cleans the air ports and cleans or replaces nozzles on the batteries
operates the larry cars in charging coal into the coke ovens
melts and pours Babbitt for bearings and other parts requiring babbitting.

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