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Safety & Environment

Permanent Steel factories use the latest steel production technologies depending on constant charging of scrap in electric arc furnaces with no hatch opening, which secures the following:

• Shortened time needed for melting
• Saving exerted energy
• Controlling bad influences on the environment

• Limiting negative consequences on the national power grid

The company contracted the company signed a contract with Inferonx, which is specialized in industrial environmental effects to supervise the installation of dust and smoke treatment units to maintain a clean environment at the factory.

Policy of professional Quality, Environment, Safety and Health (QESH)

Permanent Steel, as one of the leading companies in the field of steel rolling, works on providing high-quality products to meet the expectations of its customers on the local and international levels. It cares about distinguishing them and meeting their requirements.

Out of the belief of the significance and value of the human element and its effective role in developing the performance as one of the most important resources, and as a result of the emphasis on the principle of safety first (prevention is better than cure) and to reserve other resources, the company commits to the following:

• Protecting the surrounding environment and caring about all employees and clients in order to ensure the effectiveness of prevention controls against all types of potential and negative risks.

• Raising the awareness, competency and ability of employees with regards to the bases  basics and rules of professional QESH and achieving the proper application to avoid environmental pollution and accidents.

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