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Shot Blasting

Normally shot blasting is required prior to galvanizing, painting, or applying any type of coating to pipe. Shot blasting will remove the thin rust preventive coat from the pipe that was applied at time of manufacture.

Pipe Cutting

We offer precision cutting on lengths of pipe ranging from 2 inches to 60 feet, and diameters from 2” thru 48”. The type of cutting used depends on both the size of the pipe and the required precision. The tolerance ranges from 1/8” thru 1/64”.

Cut and Roll Grooving

Cut and roll grooving can be done in any style according to industry standards. It can be applied to any length of pipe ranging from 1”-48” diameters. (See fabrication page for larger diameters)

Pipe Threading

Threaded pipes can provide an effective seal for pipes transporting liquids, gases, steam, and hydraulic fluid.We thread any length of pipe in diameters ranging from 1/8” thru 20”. Tapers available are NPT*, NPS*, 3/16” Peerless, and 8 round taper. (See fabrication services page for larger diameters)

Pipe Beveling

We can apply any type of Bevel to any degree required. Beveling can applied to the face of any size or diameter of pipe.

Custom Coating

Keep your pipe looking good with any of our custom pipe coatings; Coal, Tar, Fusion Bond Epoxy, Lacquer, Custom Paint, Primer, and Tape Wrap.


With our network of over-the-road freight carriers, exclusive rail-siding, and barge access, we can offer prompt and expedited just-in-time delivery of your steel goods.

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