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Precautions for Hoisting Seamless Steel Pipes

Date:2024-01-31    keywords: seamless steel pipe hoisting, lifting tools and equipment, carbon steel seamless pipe, smls pipe
Seamless steel pipe (SMLS) hoisting is an important engineering operation. The following is a detailed introduction to the precautions for seamless steel pipe hoisting by PMC carbon steel seamless pipe manufacturer:

1. Reasonable selection of lifting equipment
According to the weight and length of the seamless steel pipe, select appropriate lifting equipment, such as a crane, crane, etc. Make sure the rated lifting capacity of the lifting equipment matches the weight of the seamless steel pipe.

2. Check the safety performance of lifting tools and equipment

Before hoisting, check the hoisting tools, such as slings, hooks, slings, etc., for damage or breakage, and whether the hoisting machinery has been inspected and maintained. Avoid using damaged or aging lifting tools to ensure lifting safety.

seamless steel pipe

3. Determine the lifting points and lifting methods
According to the center of gravity and structural characteristics of the seamless steel pipe, the lifting points and lifting methods are reasonably determined. The lifting point should be selected at a stable position of the seamless steel pipe, and the support and protection of the seamless steel pipe during the lifting process should be taken into consideration. Generally, lifting lugs are installed at both ends of the pipeline and cannot be lifted in the middle of the pipeline.

4. Make a good lifting plan
Before hoisting, formulate a detailed hoisting plan that takes into account environmental factors, engineering requirements, and personnel safety at the construction site. Ensure that all operations are carried out in an orderly manner during the hoisting process. Clean the hoisting site and mark the hoisting area to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering.

5. Safe operation
During the hoisting process, safe operating procedures must be followed, and dangerous behaviors such as overloading, sudden movements, or emergency stops are strictly prohibited. Operators should be familiar with operating procedures and be equipped with necessary safety protection measures, such as helmets and seat belts. During the pipeline hoisting process, if the pipeline is found to be tilted or otherwise abnormal, the hoisting machinery should be stopped immediately. During the hoisting process, avoid hoisting too long pipelines into place at one time. Sectional hoisting should be used to ensure operational safety.

6. Check the status of seamless steel pipes
Before hoisting, the seamless steel pipe must be inspected to ensure that it is free from damage, cracks, deformation and other quality problems. If quality problems are found, the seamless steel pipe should be processed or replaced in time to avoid safety hazards during the hoisting process.

7. Arrange personnel reasonably
Hoisting operations require reasonable arrangements for personnel, including crane operators, signalmen, hoisting commanders, etc. Operators should have relevant certificates and experience, and maintain good communication and coordination to ensure the safety and efficiency of hoisting operations.

8. Monitor the hoisting process

During the hoisting process, dedicated personnel should be responsible for monitoring to ensure that the hoisting operation complies with the plan and specification requirements. At the same time, abnormal situations during the hoisting process should be discovered and dealt with in a timely manner to ensure the smooth progress of the hoisting operation.

In short, the hoisting of seamless steel pipes needs to follow strict operating procedures and safety requirements, and make full preparations before hoisting to ensure safe and efficient hoisting.

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