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Method For Distinguishing The Quality Of Steel Pipes

Date:2019-03-05    keywords:seamless steel pipe, lsaw steel pipe, ssaw steel pipe
With the continuous development and progress of the society, more and more industries are also developing rapidly. The steel pipe industry is one of them, but in the process of development of the steel pipe industry, there are more and more inferior steel pipe products. So, in the face of various seamless steel pipes and seamed steel pipes with uneven quality on the market, should we buy high-quality products?

When buying a lsaw steel pipe, we must first see the appearance of the straight seam steel pipe. Then we can distinguish the quality of the straight seam steel pipe. The surface of the high quality straight seam steel pipe is very smooth and delicate. The inferior straight seam steel pipe is very rough and the roughness is very heavy. Secondly, we can distinguish the quality by the size of the straight seam steel pipe. The quality of the straight seam steel pipe is in accordance with the standard, the inferior straight seam steel pipe There is no shortage of cut corners. When measuring the size, we must also pay attention to the specifications and the quality of the workmanship. Finally, we must look at the packaging of straight seam steel pipes. The packaging can be said to be the image of a manufacturer. difference.

The quality of any product is high or low. I believe that everyone is not using inferior products. If you want to avoid buying inferior products, you need to master the method of distinguishing the quality of the products. So how should the quality of the spiral tube be distinguished? What?

First of all, we can look at the side of the ssaw steel pipe. The high-quality spiral tube has a standard circular cross section, while the inferior spiral tube has an elliptical cross section, which does not meet the standard dimensions of the spiral tube. And the high quality spiral tube has a smooth and neat cross section, so inferior spiral tube has a cut end face which tends to have a meat drop and looks uneven and has no metallic luster;

In addition, we can also tap the spiral tube to distinguish its quality by sound. When the spiral tube is beaten, if the sound is very fragile and the echo is not very dirty, then the straight seam welded pipe is the latest, not the Recycling of used spiral tubes. The last is to look at the appearance of the welded joint of the spiral pipe, to see the surface defects and whether there is a deviation in the size. If there is a defect in the surface of the weld, then there is a possibility of defects inside the weld.

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