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Application Of Spiral Pipe In Heating Pipe

Date:2019-03-04    keywords:spiral tube, seamless steel pipe
The spiral tube is known as a pipe for transportation. Although it does not have the same pressure resistance as a seamless steel pipe, it can play a significant role in the construction of water supply and water supply. Spiral steel pipes are also very useful in the collection of heating in the city. Let us know.

The spiral tube gathers heat. The steam and hot water generated by the collecting heat source are supplied to the city or some areas for heating and heating through the pipe network. It consists of heat source, heat network and heat user.

The spiral tube gathers heat for heating is one of the basic equipments of the city. It has the economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits of saving power, reducing pollution, facilitating production and facilitating the day. The principle and principle of urban heating promotion to gather heat supply is to insist on tailoring, wide open heat source, advanced technology and economical rationality. Strictly restrict the construction of new smelting boiler rooms, and gradually reform the existing smelting boilers to increase the penetration rate of urban gathering and heating.

The spiral tube gathers the heating system, which is an important basic equipment for urban economic and social development. Its development level is a symbol of urban modernization. The development of urban gathering and heating districts has become a basic policy for urban construction in China.

The superiority of the spiral tube to collect heat is firstly compared with the heat supply of the swell, and the following aspects are gathered:
1. Have good economic benefits. Because of the large capacity of the boiler for collecting heat, the thermal efficiency is high, and it can reach more than 90%, while the thermal efficiency of small boilers that dissipate heat is only 60% or lower. Therefore, the city can save 20 to 30% of the power by collecting heat for heating instead of heating.
2. Excellent social benefits. It is of great significance to collect heat from the city to facilitate the people's days, save valuable land for urban construction, and alleviate the tense situation in urban areas.
3. Excellent environmental benefits. Urban pollution is primarily due to carbon dioxide and soot that occur from direct coal incineration. The boilers that collect heat supply have large capacity, and have perfect dust removal equipment. High-efficiency dust collectors are used, and the dust removal rate can reach 90-98%, or even higher, which can effectively reduce urban pollution.

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