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Hardness Requirements for Three Main Aspects of Petroleum Casing

Date:2020-03-11    keywords:casing, hardness requirements
Thread parameter parameters limit the anti-sticking performance of oil casing pipe to a great extent. Reasonable control of the thread parameters can fully improve the anti-sticking performance of petroleum casing. In the use and production process of petroleum casing, the adhesion of petroleum casing depends to a large extent on the actual operating specifications. From a certain point of view, the effect is not less than the rigid requirements of petroleum casing.

1. The friction resistance of the threaded port of the API thread compound can be rotated to make the API opening greatly reduced. Generally, it is no problem to reduce it to 0.021. The API thread compound allows sufficient lubrication of the screw, the friction is reduced to a greater extent, and its abrasion resistance is greatly increased to a certain extent.
2. Increase the deduction speed. From the theory of adhesive wear, it can be seen that when the thread is connected, when the speed does not reach the critical speed, the heat (usually generated by the friction of the thread pair) is dispersed at an appropriate time. In this case, the blocking phenomenon will not easily occur. On the contrary, when the critical speed of the friction pair is less than its relative speed, the heat dissipation efficiency of the screw pair will be significantly lower than the thermal efficiency, the temperature will rise rapidly, and the metal on the friction surface will flow and soften, thereby causing adhesion.

3. Torque opening. There are usually two forms of control torque: torque and position. In the actual working environment, due to some parameter deviations, it is usually impossible to obtain better buckling requirements by changing the torque or torque value alone. Therefore, the best method to improve the anti-stick performance, tightness and reliability of the threaded connection of petroleum casing is to use the combined control of the torque value.
At present, in order to improve the anti-adhesion performance of petroleum casing pipes, surface treatment technologies such as phosphating can be used to improve its anti-adhesion properties.

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