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Classification of Seamless Steel Tubes

Date:2020-03-11    keywords:seamless steel tubes,classification
Seamless steel tubes have become very common in life. Do you know how many grades of seamless steel tubes can be divided into?

First, the surface of general hot-rolled seamless steel tube products is FA, and the seamless steel pipe products after pickling are FB. The product quality of cold rolled seamless steel tube is FB / FC / FD.

Ordinary seamless steel tube products are not high in surface requirements. For example, automotive interior panels use FB surface; for some general requirements, not particularly high automotive exterior panels, use FC; high-end vehicles, use FD surface.

The pickled seamless steel tube product is usually FB surface, so it can replace some cold rolled products to make some structural parts. There are a few steps in the back, which can save costs for the enterprise, and the surface of the iron oxide scale is removed, it is easier to weld.

Relatively speaking, compared with hot-rolled products, pickling products are easier to weld. If there is subsequent oiling, painting, etc., it is easier and the quality is better.

In addition, the dimensional accuracy is much better than that of hot rolled products. Compared with hot rolled seamless steel pipe products, the dimensional accuracy is relatively high. In addition, the pickling products are flat, the shape is better, and the unevenness is better. The surface finish is better than that of hot-rolled products, and the appearance is higher.

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