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Cold Drawn ERW Tube (CEW)

Date:2023-12-05    keywords: cold drawn erw tube, cew tube, cold electric welding, EN 10305-2

What is Cold Drawn ERW Tube (CEW)?

The Cold Drawn ERW Tubes (CEW) are used in various applications requiring, high precision dimensional tolerances, better surface finish, high tensile properties and can be produced in ‘non standard’ sizes upon request.

What is CEW?

CEW is a welding process type. CEW stands for Cold Electric Welding. This method uses electricity to weld metals together.

Similar to CFS, this product starts as a welded tube and is subsequently cold drawn.

The range is available in diameters from 6.35mm to 127.0mm.

 cold drawn erw tube (cew)

Cold-drawn welded pipe is one of the best choices for producing multi-stage hydraulic cylinder pipes. Its process is the same as the cold-drawn process of precision seamless pipes. It is precision drawn by precision resistance welding (ERW) and is manufactured using EN 10305-2 EU mechanical cold drawn carbon steel welded pipe standard.

After the electric resistance welded pipe is welded, the entire pipe body is normalized to ensure that the weld and heat-affected zone are homogeneous in terms of metallographic structure and mechanical properties with the rest of the pipe; cold drawing and subsequent heat treatment (elimination of internal stress) have good dimensions with the steel pipe and mechanical properties.

Cold Drawn ERW Tube Mechanical Properties:


Re min N/mm2
Re min N/mm2
min %
BK as drawn
320 400 6
GBK annealed
150 270 27
NBK normalised
155 280 25

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