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Causes of Cracks in Seamless Steel Pipes

Date:2021-12-14    keywords: seamless steel pipe cracks

Seamless steel pipe (SMLS pipe) cracks reasons:

1. Raw material factors
Inferior tube blanks will have internal and external warping, scars, cracks, etc.;

2. Temperature factor

The first important process in the production of seamless steel pipes is heating. Poor heating (unevenness, insufficient temperature, etc.) will cause inner warping, etc.;

 seamless steel pipe

3. Equipment factors
From the beginning of the furnace, every equipment component will affect the final quality of the pipe. For example, the scratching of equipment parts will cause the outer skin and pits; the failure of entering the piercing machine will cause the head of the tube blank to be exposed to water and it will be difficult to bite or the inner skin of the head will be warped;

4. Process issues
The process issues are also quite complex, including adjustment issues, equipment failure issues, and pipe quality issues caused by the wear of process components (plugs, guide plates, rolls, etc.).

5. It may also be a problem of transportation extrusion or replacement of welded pipes.

Therefore, for the occurrence of a defect, there are dozens of possible causes. If you do not see the actual product or are not on the production site, it is often difficult to clearly explain the specific cause.

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