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314 stainless steel

Date:2018-02-23    keywords:314 stainless steel
314 stainless steel, with China GB steel said 1Cr25ni20Si2, are austenitic stainless steel. The so-called stainless steel, its corrosion resistance mainly comes from chromium. Experiments show that only the chromium content of more than 12% of the corrosion resistance of steel will be greatly improved, therefore, the chromium content of stainless steel are generally not less than 12%. As the amount of chromium increases, the organization of the steel also has a great influence, when the chromium content is high and the carbon content is very small, chromium will make the iron and carbon balance, the graph on the Y phase shrinkage, or even disappear, this stainless steel is iron Element structure, heating does not happen when the phase change, known as ferritic stainless steel.

When the chromium content is low (but higher than 12%), the carbon content is high, the alloy from the high temperature cooling, easy to form martensite, so that such steel is martensitic stainless steel.

Nickel can extend the phase area of Y so that the steel has austenitic structure. If the nickel content is sufficient, the steel also has an austenitic structure at room temperature, it is called austenitic stainless steel.

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