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SS Pipe Price Trend in 2018

Date:2018-02-08    keywords:ss pipe price
2017 approaching the end, late November TP316L ss pipe than expected increase unexpectedly. However, with the passage of time, the trend of a gradual turnaround will become more evident as the year closes. TP316L ss pipe prices hit a new high, the overall center of gravity began to shock down.

Compared with the absolute steel price index in the past two years, the trend of the whole year remains extremely similar with the upward trend of turbulence, especially in the second half of the year. In the recent two years, the absolute price of general steel rebounded after hitting the bottom in the middle of the year and turned to the ascending channel. It kept rising during the second half of the year and hit a new high for the year at the end of the year, turning into a falling range.

The price weakness near the end of the year has a certain relationship with the gradual decline in market demand. Throughout the past three years TP316L stainless steel market volume, the volume in winter will have some reduction. On the one hand, the temperature in the north dropped gradually after entering the winter and rainy and snowy weather continued. The construction site was stopped by this effect significantly earlier than in the south, resulting in a large area reduction in demand. On the other hand, the South also gradually entered the annual rush phase, short-term TP316L stainless steel pipe or demand contrarian growth stage. However, with the close of the year, the site will soon enter a full-scale ending phase, when the market demand will drop to freezing point and the volume of the TP316L stainless steel pipe market shrinks rapidly.

TP316L stainless steel pipe stocks in the past three years to maintain roughly the same trend, the overall performance of the beginning of the year after the high inventory levels showed a gradual downward trend, and the price performance has a certain negative correlation.

Throughout the 11-12 months of this year's inventory point of view, so exceeding the expected decline in stocks is unexpected for the entire market, TP316L stainless steel pipe prices which are driven by a record high this year. With the arrival of the end of December, the seasonal market demand sluggish slow down the market, TP316L stainless steel pipe stocks showed signs of continuous accumulation.

Compared to the past three years TP316L stainless steel inventory situation over the same period, this year the stock remains the historical low level. Overall, the low stage of demand is approaching the market, and demand will continue to shrink over time. According to the calendar year experience point of view, the more close to the Spring Festival, TP316L stainless steel pipe more sluggish demand, then the current high prices or will face direct challenges. However, from the current inventory point of view, although in late December TP316L total inventory of stainless steel pipe there are some signs of accumulation, the overall still maintained a historic low, the price will form a more favorable support.

For the Spring Festival TP316L stainless steel pipe market, the price will continue to be in the game stage, on the one hand, demand continued to suppress the price, at the same time low inventory will continue to support the price. Follow-up will continue to pay attention TP316L stainless steel tube inventory changes, if the stock continued to accumulate circumstances, the price pressure also will be increased.

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