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The Quality of SSAW Steel Pipe Depends on the Quality of the Weld

Date:2018-06-19    keywords:quality of ssaw steel pipe
For ssaw steel pipe, we all know that the quality of the ssaw steel pipe is the most important thing for the quality of the whole spiral steel pipe, but the inspection of the geometric size of the spiral steel pipe can not be underestimated. So what tools do we use to measure the geometrical dimensions of spiral steel pipes? Here we give you a brief introduction:
1. Inspection of outer diameter and ellipticity of spiral steel pipe: caliper, vernier caliper and ring gauge, measuring the maximum and minimum points.
2. Check the thickness of the spiral steel pipe: Micrometer, ultrasonic thickness gauge, no less than eight points at both ends and record.
3. Spiral steel pipe end face angle and blunt edge inspection: square, card board.
4. Check the length of spiral steel: steel tape, artificial, automatic length measurement.
5. Spiral steel tube bending inspection: ruler, horizontal ruler (1m), feeler ruler, thin line measured per meter bending, full-length bending.

In the production of ssaw steel pipe, the relationship between the stability of the forming and the quality of the welding is very close, and only the quality of the forming is improved and the welding quality is fully guaranteed. Spiral steel pipe joint gap size and change in the welding, to ensure that the spiral steel pipe weld appearance good shape, a certain depth of penetration, it requires the steel plate gap to be uniform, at the same time, according to the different gap gap, Use different welding specifications. In the spiral steel pipe, due to the crooked bend and “s” bend of the steel strip, the unevenness of the forming gap is caused, which brings difficulties to the welding, causes the welding seam to be unstable in penetration, and also causes the weld seam to remain high. The change, the forming seam is loose, the weld penetration is deep, the remaining height is reduced; when the forming seam is tight, the weld penetration is small, the residual height is increased, so in the welding process, the solution to this problem is: forming seam When loose, reduce the welding specification and increase the welding specification when tightly forming the joint. However, the gap between the forming gaps is constantly changing. In the operation of manually adjusting the gaps of the forming gaps by the naked eye, the small changes cannot be accurately monitored. Therefore, the control cannot be realized. Only when the changes are manually adjusted to a certain degree. The effect of this is very clear on the degree of redness of the back surface of the spiral welded steel pipe. When the slot is loose, the red line is bright, causing serious arcing and even burning through; when the seam is tight, the red line is dark and the appearance of the spiral steel pipe weld appearance. For the uneven, uneven width, serious, the middle of the weld pit, so a lot of spiral steel pipe manufacturers use the automatic control of forming gap to maintain the stability of the forming gap. In the adjustment of the welding specification, the degree of redness of the back surface of the weld should be adjusted slowly within a small range. Otherwise, the depth of penetration of the inner weld may be too shallow or burnt, resulting in incomplete penetration or unstable appearance quality.

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