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Flaw Inspection of SSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2018-06-15    keywords:flaw inspection, ssaw steel pipe
As a highly efficient special transportation means, pipeline transportation has played an increasingly important role in the fields of oil and gas transportation. Domestic large-diameter transportation pipelines are currently mainly constructed with ssaw steel pipe. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the transportation pipeline, the quality of the spiral steel pipe used must be strictly guaranteed. Therefore, it is necessary to perform non-destructive inspection on the weld before shipment to eliminate hidden dangers.

In the developed countries of Europe and the United States, people knew the non-destructive testing of steel pipes earlier, and invested a lot in the development and use of testing equipment. Compared with foreign countries, China's testing equipment is lagging behind, and the detection of steel pipe welds is basically carried out using manual or semi-automatic equipment. Because inspection efficiency is very low, inspection methods can usually only be used to detect completely each steel pipe. Possible defects. In various international bidding activities, it is usually required that the steel pipe production enterprises participating in the bidding have relatively complete testing measures. Some enterprises have introduced some automatic testing equipment from abroad despite spending huge sums of money, but due to restrictions on domestic production and inspection supporting conditions However, its use effect is often unsatisfactory. As a result, many imported equipment is idle and a lot of money is wasted. The current situation has greatly limited the international competitiveness of domestic steel pipe manufacturers. Therefore, the non-destructive testing of steel pipe welds has always been an important problem that all companies can't solve and needs to be solved urgently. It is urgent to develop an automatic weld inspection device suitable for the production conditions in China. This article will first introduce the overall composition of an automated ultrasonic flaw detection system for ssaw steel pipe weld seam inspection. The mechanical and electrical structure of the weld seam tracking mechanism, which is the heart of the inspection equipment, will then be introduced. The working process of the automatic flaw detection system will be described.

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