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Production Control Measures for Thick Wall Spiral Steel Pipe

Date:2018-06-20    keywords:thick wall spiral steel pipe
The production control of the thick-walled spiral steel pipe is to increase the plastic toughness of the steel pipe, improve the cleanliness of the molten steel, reduce the harmful inclusions, and improve the overall quality of the steel pipe. In the production process, a reasonable cooling system is adopted to avoid internal cracks and enhance the quality of steel pipes in many aspects.

SSAW steel pipe in the production process of reasonable control of the heating temperature, through the determination of the thermoplastic curve, select the best heating temperature. The billet heating should also pay attention to enough heat preservation time to reduce the deformation resistance and increase the toughness of the thick-walled spiral pipe plastic.

SSAW steel pipe production process requires more procedures, the final step is to reduce the roller speed, the roller speed is the key parameter of the perforation process, the roller rotation speed from low to high changes in the process, there is a layer of critical starting roller speed. When the rotation speed of the roller is low, the tube blank is easy to form a cavity; when the roller rotation speed is high, the tube blank and the structural spiral steel pipe easily form a delamination defect. In order to eliminate the delamination defects of the tube blank and the structural spiral steel tube, the rotation speed of the roll should be reduced to below the critical roll speed at which delamination begins.

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