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The Direction of the SSAW Steel Pipe is Changed by Elbow

Date:2018-06-25    keywords:direction of ssaw steel pipe
In the erection process of the pipeline, the direction is not fixed, we need to use some connecting devices to change the direction. So how does the direction of the ssaw steel pipe change?

The elbow is a common device to change the direction of the pipeline in the pipeline erection. In order to ensure good welding, we often choose the same material as the pipe for elbow production. The ssaw steel pipe is also an important material for making elbows. It can help us to change arbitrarily. The direction of the ssaw steel pipe. Whether it is in the transport of drinking water, or in the gas, liquefied petroleum gas transmission process can use elbows to change the direction of the ssaw steel pipe. The staff of the manufacturer of the bolt drill rig believes that consumers need to choose the angle according to the needs of the pipeline structure. Elbow production has a lot of standards, these standards will have a great impact on the quality of the elbow, so consumers need to pay attention when choosing. There are many consumers purchased elbow machines for elbow production during the erection of ssaw steel pipe.

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