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The Production Environment of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Date:2017-06-29    keywords:stainless steel welded pipe
The production quality of stainless steel welded pipe is affected by many factors, including the environmental factors of the production site, stainless steel welded pipe manufacturers in the product quality control can not be ignored when the impact of this part. Here to talk about stainless steel welded pipe production environment control requirements:

1. Stainless steel welded pipe production need to have an independent production workshop or special fixed production site, stainless steel raw materials to ensure that a separate storage, can not be mixed with carbon steel.

2. Stainless steel welded pipe raw materials and semi-finished products in the process of turnover and transportation, should be equipped with the necessary anti-ferrous ion pollution and knock injury, scratched transport tooling.

3. Stainless steel welded pipe welding site is not allowed to wear a wind, to avoid the wind, rain, snow direct impact, the temperature is not less than -5 ℃.

4, stainless steel welded wire used in welding wire must have a dedicated welding material library to ensure that its storage temperature of not less than 18 ° C, humidity is not greater than 60%.

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