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Straightening Processing Technology for Thick-walled Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2022-01-11    keywords: thick-walled seamless steel pipe
Thick-walled seamless steel pipes are widely used in vehicles, airlines, crude oil, chemical plants, engineering construction, heating furnaces, military and other units, and have a major influence in the social economy, so they are called industrial production capillaries. With the development trend of my country's economy, the application field of thick-walled seamless steel pipes has continued to develop, the production scale and specifications have been greatly improved, and the demand for product quality has become higher and higher. Therefore, thick-walled seamless steel pipes need to pass strict inspections before leaving the factory to meet application regulations.

thick-walled seamless steel pipe

The manufacturing level of thick-walled seamless steel pipes must consider the sales market and must be matched with corresponding machinery and equipment. In the whole process of forging and cold rolling of seamless spliced thick-walled seamless steel pipes of stainless steel plates, one of the main performance indicators to consider the quality of seamless spliced thick-walled seamless steel pipes produced and processed is parallelism. Most of the thick-walled seamless steel pipes must be straightened, and the oblique roller straightening has high performance and is the primary influence. However, for the deformation and deformation of the top of the thick-walled seamless steel pipe and the large-diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipe, the working pressure straightening method is often used.

The structure of the working pressure leveler is simple and flexible. Due to the lack of theoretical basis research on the technicality of work pressure correction, all the time, the old masters of the workers have been constantly experimenting and correcting them based on their work experience. The work pressure correction precision is poor, high efficiency is low, and labor efficiency is high. Therefore, analyzing the deformation behavior of the thick-walled seamless steel pipe in the whole process of straightening, and accurately measuring the straightening stroke arrangement is to ensure the straightening quality of the thick-walled seamless steel pipe and improve the high efficiency of straightening, and design a plan to produce a fully automatic straightening machine. prerequisites.

Calculating the straightening stroke arrangement for thick-walled seamless steel pipes (ASTM A106) is the core technology of the automatic straightening machine for thick-walled seamless steel pipes. For the current working pressure correction of thick-walled seamless steel pipe, the precision of the schedule is low, it must be continuously corrected, and the high efficiency is low. According to the basic theory of ductility, the work The mathematical analysis model of the load deflection value in the process can be used to simply calculate the corrective stroke arrangement of the thick-walled seamless steel pipe. The flattening deformation of the cross section is a common problem in the whole process of working pressure straightening of thick-walled seamless steel pipes, which seriously affects the production quality of thick-walled seamless steel pipes. Creating an accurate cross-sectional flattening mathematical analysis model can reasonably refer to the practical activities of engineering projects and complete production and processing, which is of key practical significance for improving yield.

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