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Precautions when Drilling Casing

Date:2024-03-28    keywords: drilling casing, casing pipe
When drilling and running casing pipe, you should pay attention to the following key matters:

1. Casing and tool preparation. Check the quality certificates, commodity inspection reports and production inspection certificates of casing and tools to ensure they meet the design requirements. Clean and check the diameter of the casing, including the thread and inner diameter, to ensure that there are no bruises, flattening or deformation.

2. Equipment inspection. Check key equipment such as the top drive system, braking system, anti-collision crane, wire rope, dead rope holder and other equipment to ensure their normal operation.

casing pipe

3. Site and hoisting preparation. Check whether the casing body is bent, bruised or flattened, and ensure that the thread buckle and shoulder are not bruised. Apply thread oil to the casing body and wear a wire protector to prevent loosening or bumping. When using a crane, ensure that the male buckle end is tied with a travel rope to prevent the casing from swinging around after being lifted.

4. Operating procedures. Before running casing, ensure that the drilling fluid performance meets the cementing requirements and the wellbore is clean and free of sand. When lowering the casing, the lifting speed must be controlled to avoid damage to the casing. After the casing is put into the well, make sure it is centered and the center deviation does not exceed 10 mm.

5. Safety measures. Use special tools and vehicle loading and unloading sleeves to ensure safe operation. Inspect and maintain all safety equipment such as elevators, guard wires, etc.

6. Record and check. Record casing details including length, number and order of running. Check the bushings and tools regularly to make sure everything is working properly.

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