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Precautions for Configuration of Steel Loading Vehicles

Date:2023-10-09    keywords: configuration of steel loading vehicles, steel pipe transportation
In our daily transportation, some of them transport general goods, and some of them transport special items, such as steel (seamless pipe and welded pipe), building materials, etc. As we all know, steel has the characteristics of small size and heavy weight. There are many things to pay attention to during transportation, such as vehicle configuration, steel loading, and details that need to be paid attention to during driving. Below, the carbon steel pipe manufacturer will talk about the precautions for the configuration of steel loading vehicles.

1. The vehicle is in good condition and transportation is more worry-free.

The special thing about steel transportation is that the steel is heavier and the transportation road conditions are more complicated. Going up the mountain and down to the construction site are common things. This places higher requirements on vehicles, and a good vehicle condition will make transportation more worry-free.

At present, there are no specialized steel transportation vehicles in our country, and most of those engaged in steel transportation are ordinary trailers or trucks. Let’s talk about trailers first. On the road, we can often see the beams of trailers transporting steel being bent. Steel transportation is heavy-duty transportation, so the selection of trailers is very important. At the same time, the requirements for trailers are relatively high, especially the beams of trailers, which are a test. When choosing a trailer, be sure to choose a trailer with good beams and a reinforced keel frame.

steel pipe transportation

Trucks are also a relatively common way to transport steel. The girders of trucks are the girders of the vehicle chassis. If you are engaged in steel transportation for a long time, you may wish to choose double-layer wide-section girders. After all, that is where the force is directly received.

Now that you have a strong beam, you also need a pair of good shoes, and tires are also very important. The editor recommends not using non-three-pack tires or low-quality tires. Relatively speaking, steel wire radials with inner tubes will have better load-bearing performance. The sidewalls are hard and the steel wires are reinforced. More conducive to steel transportation.

In terms of engine configuration, the editor recommends that you choose a high-horsepower engine. After all, small horses and large carts have become a thing of the past. When you are climbing a hill and the engine suddenly loses power, do you feel like you have more than enough energy but not enough power? Besides, a small horse-drawn cart may not necessarily save fuel.

2. Loading is also very particular, which is directly related to safety.

At present, steel is mainly divided into straight materials and coiled materials, and they are different when loading. According to the editor's understanding from some experienced drivers, the loading of steel directly affects the safety during driving. Before loading steel, place a layer of grass or wood (for straight materials) on the bottom of the cargo compartment to increase friction.

If possible, you can lay a layer of wooden boards on the bottom of the cargo compartment (for long-term transportation users). Do not let the steel and the bottom of the cargo compartment come into direct contact (that way the friction will be greatly reduced and it will be more dangerous when braking).

Loading coiled materials is roughly the same as loading straight materials. A layer of straw mat is placed at the bottom of the cargo compartment. It is not recommended to mix straight materials and coiled materials. If mixed installation is required under special circumstances, anti-slip bundling must be done. It is recommended to install straight materials underneath. A layer of anti-slip straw mat still needs to be placed between straight materials and coiled materials. After loading the car, be sure to seal it properly to prevent steel materials from falling off during driving.

Don’t be in a hurry after loading. Check whether it is bundled properly. Bundling is the last step before driving. In order to save time, some drivers often go straight to the road without bundling, which poses huge safety risks.

Although steel is small in size, it is heavy and has strong inertia. If it is not properly tied up, it will easily slide forward when braking suddenly or the goods will fall when turning, causing safety accidents.

During the loading process, over-length, over-width, and over-height loading are strictly prohibited. Over-long loading has a great impact on the following vehicles, causing the following vehicles to be unable to recognize the lights of the front vehicle. Over-wide loading also poses a great threat to fellow vehicles. Ultra-high loading makes the center of gravity of the entire vehicle higher, increasing the chance of rollover when turning. 

3. Avoid sudden braking while driving and check whether the bindings are loose.

The driving process is the most important part of transportation. A few days ago, the editor saw a steel transport semi-trailer on the road causing a safety accident due to sudden braking.

When driving, try to avoid sudden braking. Since steel is not like ordinary cargo, the direct friction between the steel and the cargo compartment is not as great as that of ordinary cargo. In addition, due to its small size, large weight, and large inertia, it is difficult to brake suddenly when braking suddenly. At times, it is easy for the steel to slide directly out of the cargo compartment due to the effect of inertia, overturning the cab, causing an accident.

There is one thing you should not be careless about while driving, and that is to check whether the bindings are loose at any time. Although they have been bundled during loading, there is still the possibility of loosening during driving. The editor recommends that all cardholders check the card frequently while driving to avoid unnecessary trouble in an emergency.

Steel transportation is more dangerous than ordinary cargo transportation to a certain extent. Due to its particularity, there are many requirements for vehicles and drivers during driving.

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