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How To Process Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2018-09-25    keywords:seamless steel pipe
The seamless steel pipe ferrule is a pipe that will be cut off according to the pipe diameter. Generally, the pipe diameter is 15~32 mm, the 40~50 mm set is three times, and the 70 mm or more set is 3 ~4 times is appropriate. Several common methods of Threading are now introduced as follows:

1. Use a Threading Machine to thread the tube and clamp the tube on the Threading Machine Chuck, and leave the appropriate length to clamp the chuck, align the plate number, and put the good die on the appropriate position of the scale according to the pipe diameter. Hold the fixed plate machine, align the lubricant tube with the wire head, push the plate to the appropriate length, and gently loosen the trigger.

2. Use manual ferrule ferrule, first loosen the fixed plate machine, retract the reticle plate plate to zero degree, align the plate with the good stencil according to the sequence number, align the plate with the required scale, tighten the fixed plate machine, and tighten the pipe Put it in the pressure clamp of the pressure case, leave a proper length to clamp, gently put the ferrule into the pipe to make it elastic, and then push the skein with two hands, put 2-3 buckles, then stand to the side to turn Set the silk plate, the force should be even, when the thread is about to be set, gently loosen the machine, start the plate, keep the thread should be taper.

Pipe fittings: According to the on-site surveying and sketching, the pipe with the threaded sleeves will be fitted with fittings.

3. When fitting the pipe fittings, the required pipe fittings should be brought into the pipe thread buckles. Try the tightness (usually bring 3 buckles by hand), apply lead oil to the threaded joints, and then bring the pipe fittings into the pipe fittings, then use The pipe wrench tightens the pipe fittings, so that the thread buckles are exposed 2-3 buckles, the hemp heads are removed, the lead oil is wiped clean, and the numbers are placed in proper positions to be straightened.

4. Select the appropriate pipe wrench according to the pipe diameter of the fitting pipe fittings.

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