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How to Improve the Yield Rate of Oil Casing Plant?

Date:2020-07-10    keywords:casing plant, yield rate

In the process of rapid heat treatment of steel induction heating, horizontally inclined roller rotation mechanism. The inclination of the device of the roller is wide and the inclination of the device is usually less than 45°. This obliquely mounted roller assumes the dual roles of the forward speed and the rotational speed of the steel pipe. therefore. In order to make the heating and cooling of the steel uniform, in addition to requiring the steel to advance at a constant speed, it is also expected that the steel itself can rotate forward to make the heating and cooling more uniform. At the same time, the rotation of the oil casing pipe plant can also make the internal stress distribution of the steel even after heat treatment, reducing its bending deformation. Therefore, the rotation of the steel material plays an important role in improving the quality of heat treatment. Rotational advancement of steel is mainly used in the quenching and tempering of steel pipes and large bars. Commonly used rotation methods are: horizontal oblique rollers, cross rollers, grooves for large-diameter steel pipes, etc.

When adjusting any one speed, the change of another speed must be taken into account at the same time. As the diameter of the steel pipe increases, the requirements for the uniformity of heating and cooling increase, and it is necessary to find a suitable rotation speed according to the length of the heating sensor and the diameter of the steel pipe. Petroleum casing plants usually have rollers mounted on adjustable angle bases. The distance between powered rollers varies with heat treated steel. When the steel is induction-heated and rapidly heat-treated, the conveying roller table and heating sensor have certain requirements for the bending and twisting of the steel. For this reason, most of the bar, wire and wire heat treatment production lines are equipped with clamping roller straightening devices on the feeding side to reduce the bending of the steel and ensure the smooth progress of the steel. At the same time, the heat-treated steel is thermally straightened using waste heat. In order to reduce friction, a small steel ball was welded at the tip of the convex plug to make point contact with the concave surface. The production practice indicates that when the induction heating and tempering treatment of small-caliber steel pipes, when the rotation speed of the steel pipes is 200r/min, the front and rear steel pipes adhere to the synchronous rotation and advance smoothly. After the end connector is adopted, the performance of the steel pipe end and the pipe body are consistent, and the yield rate is improved.

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