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Acceptance Standard of ERW Steel Pipe

Date:2020-07-09    keywords:erw pipe, acceptance standard
How to accept the ERW pipe?
1. Product quality certification document requirements
1) Welded steel pipes should have factory quality certification documents
Including: product certificate, material certificate.
2) The quality certificate of the welded steel pipe product, the material certificate should be the original, if it is a copy, the content of the copy and the original should be consistent, and the official seal of the original storage unit should be stamped, indicating the storage place of the original and the signature and time of the operator.

2. Acceptance criteria
According to the inspection certificate and material certificate, the material certificate should indicate:
a. Name of supplier
b. Name of buyer
c. Delivery time
d. Contract number
e. Standard number used
f. Product name and size
g. Steel coil batch number and steel grade
h. Standards and testing and various test results
I. Seal of Quality Inspection Department

3.External assessment:
There is no serious corrosion on the inside and outside of the welded steel pipe, no flattening, and the surface of the inner and outer walls is smooth, without burrs, cracks and deformation.
Detection method: naked eye observation method.

4.Pipe diameter and wall thickness inspection:
On-site sampling inspection of pipe diameter and wall thickness of welded steel pipe

Inspection method: Micrometer or other non-destructive testing devices with corresponding accuracy can be used to measure the diameter and wall thickness of the steel pipe. In case of dispute on the diameter and wall thickness, the micrometer measurement result shall prevail.

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