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How To Distinguish Seamless Pipe With Straight Seam Steel Pipe

Date:2019-01-08    keywords:straight seam steel pipe, seamless steel pipe
Nowadays, all walks of life are really very competitive. No matter what industry has competition, the straight seam steel pipe industry is no exception. Many manufacturers will use straight seam steel pipe as a seamless steel pipe in order to increase profits. It is not advisable, let's take a look at it in detail.

Straight seam steel pipes are all submerged arc welding or electric resistance welding. There is only one weld seam in this steel pipe. The bad traders use the polishing machine to polish and weld the weld seam. After repeated grinding and polishing, the weld seam will be worn away. The smooth surface as a whole is a seamless steel pipe. It is not seen by professionals. This kind of falsification, the equipment has no way to detect it. Whether it is straight seam or seamless, only the insider can see it. Some projects need appearance. Brushing a layer of anti-rust paint, which makes it harder to distinguish, which makes many buyers very distressed.

So how do you distinguish between straight seam steel pipes and seamless steel pipes? Seamless steel tubes are made directly in steel mills. Straight seam steel pipe manufacturers are not produced at all. When we buy, we will try our best to provide the supplier with the guarantee and certificate of steel pipe, and even if they do it well. There are also traces. Generally, the width of a straight seam steel pipe weld is about two centimeters. 

After buying a seamless steel pipe, if we see a trace of about two centimeters on the whole of the steel pipe, we can cut it to verify whether there is a problem. The seamless steel pipe is painted with anti-rust paint. We can verify it by simple and rough method. It is to cut the steel pipe directly in the middle part. The seamless steel pipe is not butted, and the straight seam steel pipe is a plate. After the folding, the joint is welded.

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