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Causes And Maintenance Of Internal Cuts In Large Diameter Steel Pipes

Date:2019-01-09    keywords:spiral steel pipe, seamless steel pipe
The internal cut of the large-diameter steel pipe is caused by the unsatisfactory design of the head and the sharp-edged protrusion on the connecting rod connecting the plug, or the welding of metal points and the like, which is caused by scratching the inner surface of the capillary tube. The design of the head is unreasonable. For example, the rounded corners of the reverse cone are too small and the edges are sharp, which will also scratch the inner surface of the capillary. 

If the taper angle of the head-rolling section is not consistent with the taper taper angle of the roll and the head is of poor quality or the head surface is defective, the inner surface may be scratched. Improper adjustment of the mill will exacerbate the occurrence of such defects, which are spirals, commonly known as inner spirals. The internal cut of the spiral steel pipe sometimes appears on the homogenizer, and the causes are different. Slightly rounded internal cuts can be eliminated by later deformation (such as rolling, cold drawing), and sometimes can not be eliminated, and left on the finished product to cause waste.

When the large-diameter seamless steel pipe is used for a long time, it will be bent and deformed, which requires daily maintenance and maintenance. When carrying out maintenance, it must be cleaned first. The interval should be cleaned once a month. When cleaning, be careful not to expose the sunlight outside. The specific maintenance methods are as follows. Due to the level of the frame, the thrust reduction of the deformation is overcome, especially in the case of the thickness of the large-diameter seamless steel pipe and the high strength of the material, the phenomenon of insufficient thrust is likely to occur, and the formation speed of the steel pipe fluctuates.

Too much anti-corrosion coating is used to flush the anchor line roughness. At the same time, the anchor line is too deep, and foam is easily formed during the anti-corrosion coating process, which seriously affects the performance of the anti-corrosion coating. Too small a roughness results in a decrease in the adhesion and impact strength of the coating. The internal pitting corrosion is serious, which not only affects the high grain strength of the abrasive, but also polishes the small particle corrosion product, which has achieved the cleaning effect. At the same time, the reasonable proportioning design can not only reduce the wear of the large diameter seamless steel pipe and the nozzle.

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