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How to Distinguish between Precision Seamless Steel Pipe and Industrial Seamless Steel Pipe

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Precision seamless steel pipe and industrial seamless pipe can be compared from the following aspects:

1, Industrial seamless pipe material is stainless steel tube, that is, the tube, after cold drawing or cold rolling after the annealing pickling, is the finished stainless steel seamless pipe. Industrial stainless steel seamless pipe is characterized by no welding seam, can withstand greater pressure, and the surface of the steel pipe through the solid solution (that is, we usually say that the annealing process) steel pipe can be bent, reaming and other processing.

2, Precision seamless steel pipe products in recent years, mainly the hole, the outer wall size has strict tolerance requirements, and steel surface finish has a high demand.

In addition, precision seamless steel pipe has the following characteristics:
1. Diameter smaller, in general, the diameter of precision seamless steel pipe is generally more than 6 mm.

2. High precision can do small batch production.

3. Precision seamless steel pipe is relatively high accuracy, 6 to 60 steel pipe bore and the outer diameter of the tolerance is generally controlled in plus or minus 3 to 5 silk or less.

4. Precision seamless steel pipe surface finish is good, inside and outside the tube surface finish Ra ≤ 0.8μm, and can be made to wall thickness 0.5mm. And then through the polishing tube inside and outside the surface finish up to Ra ≤ 0.2-0.4μm (such as mirror).

5. Steel pipe performance is superior, the metal is relatively dense, the steel pipe can withstand the pressure also becomes larger.

Comprehensive view, precision seamless steel pipe is in the ordinary industrial grade stainless steel tube for deep processing, in the precision and finish have obvious strengths, but its cost is relatively high, is the high-end stainless steel tube.

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