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How to Deal with The Surface of Stainless Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2017-08-17    keywords:stainless seamless steel pipe
Stainless seamless steel pipe surface treatment is mainly in the following ways:

Chemical cleaning: Chemical cleaning pipe refers to the temporary conversion of the use of chemical chemicals pipeline, the use of temporary pipes and circulating pump from the pipeline at both ends of the use of chemical ring cleaning. The technology has the features such as flexibility, speed, thorough cleaning, and the shape of the pipe is not required, such as chemical cleaning is completed, but the residue to be cleaned. Otherwise, will be running in the future effect.

PIG operation: Pig industry technology to rely on the pump to drive the fluid to promote PIG in the tube to promote the power, in the pipeline discharge dust, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The technology is widely used to clean pipes of various processes, oil and oil pipelines, especially for long-distance transmission of fluid piping cleaning, with the advantage that other technologies can not be replaced.

High-pressure water cleaning: the use of high-pressure water jet that is more than 50 MPa for stripping cleaning the surface of high-pressure water jet dirt. The technology is mainly used for short-distance piping and pipe diameter must be greater than 50 cm or more. It has such as high speed and low cost and so on.

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