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Heat Treatment Process of Thick Wall Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2023-01-29    keywords: thick wall seamless steel pipe, heat treatment
The adoption of the heat treatment process of thick-walled seamless steel pipe improves its quality and overcomes the environmental pollution caused by pickling. There are many things that should be paid attention to in the whole heat treatment process of thick-walled seamless steel pipes. For example, the correct setting of the furnace is very important, so as to ensure a smooth cyclone in the furnace, and also make the thick-walled steel pipes receive uniform heat. After that, it can bring very good characteristics. In general, there is no restriction on the ambient temperature during the furnace installation process. In simple terms, it can be a cold furnace or an electric furnace. There are not many limitations in these aspects.

 thick wall seamless steel pipe

(1) Roller hearth bright heat treatment furnace

This type of furnace is suitable for heat treatment of large-scale and large-volume thick-walled seamless steel pipes, and the hourly output is above 1.0t. The protective gas that can be used is high-purity hydrogen, decomposed ammonia and other protective gases. It can be equipped with a convection cooling system for faster cooling of thick-walled seamless steel pipes.

(2) Mesh belt type bright heat treatment furnace

This type of furnace is suitable for small-diameter thin-walled precision thick-walled seamless steel pipes. The hourly output is about 0.3-1.0t, and the length of processed steel pipes can reach 40m. It can also process capillary tubes in coils. Equipped with convection cooling system for rapid cooling. Using gaseous fuel or electric heating, various shielding gases can be used. After this type of furnace heat treatment, the thick-walled seamless steel pipe has no scratches and good brightness.

(3) Muffle tube bright heat treatment furnace

The thick-walled seamless steel pipe is mounted on a continuous bracket and heated in the muffle tube, which can process high-quality small-diameter thin-walled steel pipe at a lower cost, and the hourly output is above 0.3t. Protective gas can be used economically, and the heating source can be gas, oil or electricity.

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