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ERW Straight Seam Steel Pipe is One of the Important Welding Processes

Date:2019-08-28    keywords:erw,welding process
1. The welded pipe is made of steel plate welded by high-frequency electric resistance welded pipe (ERW welded pipe), straight seam electric welded pipe (LSAW), spiral welded pipe.In electrical engineering, it is indicated by "SC". It can be used as a water gas pipe or a threading pipe, which is relatively thick.

2. The line pipe is also the wire tube, relatively thin, with the "T", can only be used for threading.

3. The ERW tube is a “high-frequency resistance welded steel pipe”. It is different from the ordinary welded pipe welding process. The weld is made of the base material of the steel strip body, and the mechanical strength is better than that of the general welded pipe.

ERW straight seam steel pipe means electric resistance welding. Resistance welding has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low cost, material saving and easy automation. Therefore, it is widely used in various industrial sectors such as aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics, automobile, light industry, etc. It is important. One of the welding processes.

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