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How to Prevent Rust the Elbow

Date:2019-08-27    keywords:elbow,rust
Apart from the factors such as coating variety, coating quality and construction condition, the surface treatment of elbow has an effect on the service life of the coating, which accounts for about 50%. Now let's see how to prevent rust after  elbow processing. The first thing is to use wire brush to polish the steel surface. Adding these factors to elbow processing can remove loose or warped oxide scales, rust and welding. Slag and so on. Rust removal of hand tools can reach Sa2 level, power things can reach Sa3 level. If the steel surface is adhered to strong oxide scale, the result of rust removal of things can not be considered. Deep spraying rust removal of anchor lines which can not meet the requirements of anticorrosion construction is driven by high-power motor to twist the spraying blade at high speed, so that abrasives such as steel sand, steel shot, iron wire segment and minerals can advance to the outside surface of elbow pipe under centrifugal force effect. Jet disposal can not only thoroughly remove rust, oxides and dirt, but also achieve the required average roughness of elbow under the effect of ferocious impact and friction of abrasives. 

Chemical and electrolytic methods are commonly used for acid pickling treatment. Chemical acid pickling is only used for elbow anticorrosion. It can remove oxide scales, rust and old coatings. Sometimes it can be used as reprocessing after sandblasting and rust removal. Chemical cleaning can make the appearance reach the necessary cleanliness and roughness, but its anchor lines are shallow and easy to pollute the situation.

First of all, steel brushes and other things are used to polish the appearance of steel, and these can remove loose or tilted oxide scales, rust, welding slag and so on. Rust removal of hand tools can reach Sa2 level, power things can reach Sa3 level. If the steel surface is adhered to solid iron oxide scale, the results of rust removal of things are not considered, and the depth of anchor lines required for anti-corrosion construction can not be reached.

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