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Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Production Process

Date:2023-12-04    keywords: carbon steel seamless pipe, cs seamless pipe production process
What is carbon steel seamless pipe?
Carbon steel seamless pipes (cs seamless pipe) refer to carbon steel pipes made by hot rolling or cold drawing without welding process. They have the characteristics of light weight, high strength and strong corrosion resistance. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, aviation, rail, transportation and other fields.

Seamless pipe production method:

The production methods of seamless steel pipes are roughly divided into cross-rolling methods and extrusion methods. The former method is to use an inclined roller to pierce the pipe and then use a rolling mill to stretch it. This method has a fast production speed, but requires high processing performance of the tube blank. It is mainly suitable for the production of carbon steel and low alloy steel tubes. The latter rule is to use a punch to pierce the tube blank or steel ingot, and then use an extruder to extrude it into a steel tube. This method is less efficient than cross-rolling and is suitable for the production of high-strength alloy steel pipes. Both the cross-rolling method and the extrusion method must first heat the tube blank or steel ingot, and the steel pipe produced is called a hot-rolled pipe. Steel pipes produced by hot processing can sometimes be cold processed as needed.

carbon steel seamless pipe

There are two methods of cold working: one is cold drawing, which draws the steel pipe through an extrusion die to make the steel pipe thinner and longer; the other method is cold rolling, which is processed by hot-rolled plates at room temperature. Although the steel plate will heat up due to rolling during the processing, it is still called cold rolling. The processes of cold rolling production generally include raw material preparation, pickling, rolling, degreasing, annealing (heat treatment), finishing, etc. Cold processing of seamless pipes can improve the dimensional accuracy and processing finish of the steel pipes, and improve the mechanical properties of the material.

Production process of carbon steel seamless pipe:

1. Raw material preparation
The main raw material of carbon steel seamless pipes is carbon steel billet. Its chemical composition includes carbon (C), silicon (Si), manganese (Mn), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S) and other elements. At the same time, attention should be paid to controlling the billet. size and clarity.

2. Rolling processing
The carbon steel billet is heated to a certain temperature and then rolled to form a tube shell. The process is mainly divided into rough rolling, intermediate rolling, finish rolling and winding. The finish rolling step determines the accuracy and surface quality of the pipe.

3. Heat treatment
The rolled carbon steel billet is heat treated to give it a certain toughness and strength. Specific operations include soaking, flame spraying, tempering and other links. Heat treatment is an integral part of the seamless pipe production process.

4. Cold working
The heat-treated carbon steel billet is cold drawn or cold rolled to improve the dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness of the seamless pipe.

5. Non-destructive testing
Conduct non-destructive testing, such as ultrasonic flaw testing, eddy current testing, etc., on the manufactured carbon steel seamless pipes to ensure the quality and safety of the pipes.

Application areas of carbon steel seamless pipes:
Carbon steel seamless pipes have important application value and are widely used in petrochemical industry, boiler manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, building structures and other fields. Among them, the petrochemical industry has the largest demand for seamless pipes, accounting for more than 50% of the total demand.


This article introduces in detail the production process of carbon steel seamless pipes, their importance and application fields. Making seamless pipes requires multiple links, each of which is very important and has a direct impact on the quality and performance of the pipe.

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