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Anti-corrosion Technology of Seamless Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe

Date:2021-07-06    keywords:anti-corrosion technology, seamless steel pipe
Anti-corrosion technology of seamless anti-corrosion steel pipe:

The production process of seamless anticorrosive steel pipes is relatively mature, and all kinds of anticorrosion can be produced. Among them, seamless anticorrosive steel pipes have outstanding performance advantages. The equipment usually used in the production of seamless anticorrosive steel pipes includes steel pipe buffering platform, pipe shifting unit, tractor, pipe-piercing machinery, high-pressure gun generator, repair platform, transmission line, steel pipe preheating furnace, shot blasting host and other equipment. The seamless anticorrosive steel pipe shall be applied to the inspection bench and the return transmission line of the unqualified steel pipe in the test. The application of these not only can obtain good insulation steel pipes, but also the product quality has passed strict inspections.

The specific production process of seamless anti-corrosion steel pipes(astm a106 ) is to first inspect seamless anti-corrosion steel pipes, and inspect the steel pipes under various conditions to make them meet the conditions for making seamless anti-corrosion steel pipes. Check whether the steel pipe is corroded, check and remove the rust on the steel pipe. The next step is to put the derusted and anti-corrosive steel pipe in a polyethylene sleeve for pipe forming. Then, after repairing the head, inject polyurethane foam into it to fully fill the gap and make it fully filled. Inspect anti-corrosion steel pipes, and inspect the finished seamless anti-corrosion steel pipes.

Anti-corrosion layer material of seamless anti-corrosion steel pipe:
(1) Bonding strength, aging resistance, and excellent chemical stability;
(2) Advanced construction technology;
(3) The location and topography of the pipeline;
(4) Pass through the soil or backfill area;
(5) The operating temperature of the piping system and the ambient temperature during the construction management process;
(6) Loading and unloading requirements and storage conditions of seamless anticorrosive steel pipes;
(7) Anti-corrosion coating costs, including material, coating, maintenance and protection damage costs.

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