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Anti-corrosion Steel Pipes are Mostly Spiral Steel Pipes

Date:2020-03-24    keywords:spiral steel pipes,anti-corrosion pipe
In recent years, anticorrosive steel pipes have begun to be widely used in the construction of water and natural gas pipelines. Anti-corrosion steel pipes are usually selected from spiral steel pipes. The diameter of spiral steel pipes is usually relatively large, which is in line with the current requirements of water pipelines, natural gas pipelines and thermal pipelines.

1. Compared with the profile steel in the form of ordinary open section, the round pipe and square (rectangular) section have the characteristics of flat surface, no dead angle and small external surface area. Spiral steel pipe is conducive to saving anti-corrosion and fire-resistant coatings, and easy to remove dust.
a. During the forming process, the steel plate is uniformly deformed, the residual stress is small, and the surface is not scratched. The processed spiral steel pipe has greater flexibility in the size and size range of diameter and wall thickness, especially in the production of high-steel-grade thick-walled pipes, especially small and medium-caliber thick-walled pipes. More requirements for spiral steel pipe specifications.
b. Adopting advanced double-sided submerged arc welding technology, welding can be achieved in an excellent position, which is not prone to defects such as misalignment, welding deviation, and incomplete penetration, and it is easy to control the quality of welding.
c. 100% quality inspection of steel pipes makes the whole process of steel pipe production under effective inspection and monitoring, which effectively guarantees product quality.
d. All the equipment of the entire production line has the function of networking with the computer data acquisition system, real-time data transmission, and the central control room controls the technical parameters in the production process.

2. The wind resistance coefficient of the steel pipe section is small, and it has significant advantages when exposed to fluids (such as wind and water flow).
3. The internal space of the steel pipe structure is available. For example, filled concrete steel pipe can not only improve the bearing capacity of the component, but also extend the fire resistance limit of the component; water is injected into the tube, and the internal water circulation can be used for fire prevention.
4. Liquid can be transported in the pipe. At present, oil pipeline bridges and rainwater drainage pipes have been developed based on this feature.
5. Prestressing cables can also be placed in the tube to apply prestressing in the body.

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