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Frequently Encountered Problems with High Frequency Straight Seam Welded Pipe(ERW)

Date:2020-03-24    keywords:encountered problems ,high frequency welded pipe,ERW
Nowadays, high-frequency straight seam welded pipes (ERW pipe) are mainly used in water supply engineering, power industry and petrochemical industry, etc. There are many types of water pipes used in our lives, of which high-frequency straight seam welded pipes are commonly used, so when What should we do when the high frequency straight seam welded pipe is blocked? Next, the high frequency straight seam welded pipe manufacturer will come to understand with you:
1. It can be washed with water. This method is very simple. It is to use the pressure of water to flush all the blocked materials away.
2. You can also use machinery for flushing. This method is to use mechanical devices to generate high-pressure jets to flush the pipeline, so as to loosen the sediment in the upstream pipeline, so that the dirty things can be washed away.
3. Manual, this requires us to manually use the corresponding tools to get all the obstructions out.

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