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Analysis of Weld Seam Distance Adjustment for Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2019-11-27    keywords:seamless steel pipe,weld seam
In the processing of seamless steel pipes, there is often a problem that cannot be ignored, which is the weld seam. In order to ensure the performance of seamless steel pipes, we need to take some measures to control the distance between their welds. Otherwise, if the gap is not reasonable, it will affect its use performance. Next, let's learn the main content together.

In general, in order to ensure the performance of seamless steel pipes as much as possible, we will control its weld gap to an appropriate range, this range is 1 ~ 3mm, and at the same time ensure that the ends of the weld are flush. And if the gap is not well controlled, what negative effects will it bring? If it is too large, it will easily cause the proximity effect to be reduced, which will eventually lead to poor connection and cracking.

If the remaining gap is too small, it is easy to affect the surface quality of the seamless steel pipe under the action of extrusion. So we need to take some measures in advance to avoid these problems as much as possible. First we need to control the welding temperature. In fact, the temperature of welding will not only affect the effect of welding, but also its overall performance.

Another issue that needs attention is the need to properly adjust the amount of squeezing force. We know that when processing seamless steel pipes, if the extrusion force used is too large or too small, it will also cause different changes in its welds. For example, if the squeezing force is too small, it will lead to a weld insufficient strength, easy to crack; if the extrusion force is too large, some defects will appear at the weld.

Therefore, during the entire processing process, we must ensure that the appropriate temperature conditions and proper pressing force are maintained. Only in this way can we control the weld gap of seamless steel pipes. Reasonable control of the gap can ensure the performance of seamless steel pipes.

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