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Analysis of Factors Affecting Welding Quality of High Frequency Welded Pipe

Date:2018-07-31    keywords:welding quality of high frequency welded pipe
The factors affecting the welding quality of high-frequency welded pipes mainly include the following aspects:
(1) Welding pressure
It is one of the main parameters of the welding process and affects the strength and toughness of the weld. If the welding pressure is too small, the welded edges cannot be sufficiently pressed, so that the strength of the weld is lowered, and the force is easily cracked once the force is applied. If the welding pressure is too large, the strength of the weld will be lowered, and defects such as burrs and lap welding are likely to occur.
If we want to control the welding pressure, we can do this by adjusting the spacing of the squeezing rollers.

(2) Welding speed
It is also one of the main parameters of the welding process, mainly related to heating temperature, weld deformation speed and crystallization speed. In general, the welding speed is fast, the welding quality is good, but the maximum speed allowed, can not exceed this value.

(3) Opening angle
It refers to the angle between the two edges of the tube blank before the squeeze roller, and its size is related to the stability of the burning process. If the opening angle is appropriately reduced, the welding speed can be increased, but it should be noted that if it is too small, the welding quality is lowered and the power consumption is increased.

(4) Geometric shape and shape of the tube blank
It is required that the width and thickness of the tube blank should be within the tolerance range, and there should be no defects such as deflection, boring or wrinkling at the edge of the tube blank, otherwise welding will not be possible.

(5) Strip edge quality
It will affect the quality of the weld, so the edges of the strip are required to be parallel, otherwise the sharp corner effect will be produced, which will adversely affect the quality of the weld.

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