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Advantages Of Double-sided Submerged Arc Welding Straight Seam Steel Pipe

Date:2019-02-27    keywords:ssaw steel pipe, lsaw steel pipe
Water supply is essential for the use of steel pipes and conical steel pipes to cause “secondary pollution” in pipeline transportation. In daily life, the quality of drinking water and the safety of water pipes are the core of people's lives. Metal pipes have four major drawbacks: easy to rust, perishable, easy to leak, and prone to scaling. When the galvanized tapered steel tube is corroded, it will breed various microorganisms. Conical steel pipe. Bacteria in tap water are like tangible killers that constantly force people to be healthy.

In the past 10 years, some wealth-prone countries have enacted legislation or established industry regulations to stop the use of double-sided lsaw steel pipes as drinking water pipes, and it is recommended to use green pipes as the main body, without rust, corrosion and leakage. Excellent pipelines have no scale.

The standards for the implementation of straight seam steel pipes are those allowed by the standards and standards allowed by the standards. Before use, it is necessary to understand the pressures that the pipes are subjected to during use and whether the pipes are under pressure to understand whether the required steel pipes meet the standards of the pipes themselves. Most of the requirements are GB / 2008-3091 low pressure welding fluid transfer steel pipe. The working conditions of this standard include many power plant ventilation pipes, coal mine ventilation, district heating, drinking water pipelines, etc.

The requirements for straight seam pipe welds are relatively easy to meet compared to ssaw steel pipes. For submerged arc welding, the standard for high frequency welding is the same as that for spiral tubes, and the spiral tube is the standard for implementing constrained welds. The allowable error length error of the steel pipe is within plus or minus 0.5, and the caliper error is within 0.3 or less. The article clearly states in the acceptance of steel pipes that if the defect detection is defective, the hydraulic test weld can be selected. No air leaks are qualified.

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