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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pipeline Transportation

Date:2019-02-26    keywords:seamless steel pipe, casing pipe
Pipeline transportation is developed along with the increase in oil and natural gas production. It is a transportation technology that uses gas to deliver gas, liquid and fluid. At present, it has become the main mode of transportation for onshore oil, gas and granular coal transportation. In recent years, the pipelines for conveying solid materials are mainly seamless steel pipes, and fluids are often used for casings pipes. The pipelines also have great development in the transportation of granular coal and concentrates;

First, the advantages:
(1) It can be transported continuously, is not affected by the weather, and has high reliability throughout the day.
(2) The pipeline can take shortcuts and the transportation distance is short;
(3) The transportation volume is large. A foreign coal pipe with a diameter of 720 mm can transport 20 million tons of coal a year, which is almost equivalent to the single-direction conveying capacity of a single-track railway;
(4) High environmental benefits and no harmful substances.
(5) The transportation project is small in quantity and covers a small area. Pipeline transportation only needs to lay pipelines and build pumping stations. The amount of earth and stone works is much smaller than that of railway construction. Moreover, most of the plain areas are buried underneath, and do not occupy farmland;
(6) The energy consumption is small, which is the lowest among various modes of transportation;
(7) Safe and reliable, no pollution, low cost;
(8) Closed transportation can be realized with less loss.

Second, the shortcomings:
(1) The speciality is strong, the transportation goods are too specialized, and the transportation items are limited to gases, liquids and fluids.
(2) The distance between the pipeline transportation volume and the maximum transportation volume is small. Therefore, in the initial stage of oilfield development, when pipeline transportation is difficult, road, road, and land and water transportation should be used as a transition.
(3) Forever one-way transportation, poor maneuverability.
(4) Fixed investment is large.

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