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304 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe processing Fracture Analysis

Date:2017-02-18    keywords:304 stainless steel seamless pipe
304 stainless steel seamless pipe blanks by quality, observed macroscopic fracture morphology analysis of the heating system and hot tube perforation occurred in pickling and cold working process, the analysis of the 304 stainless steel seamless pipe processing fracture causes. Noted rational selection process and adherence to the rules will reduce steel processing fracture. It made a number of concrete measures to prevent the occurrence of processing 304 stainless steel seamless pipe breakage.

Pickling) machining quality and yield, so hot piercing is one of the most critical step 304 stainless steel seamless pipe processing. The main factors affecting the quality of the thermal perforation are: billet heating system, perforated front billet temperature punch roll speed and penetration rates, capillary size and specifications .... stainless steel, etc., especially when the heating temperature and billet piercing machine when the roll speed selection unreasonable, in addition to easy to form a seamless 304 stainless steel inner and outer surfaces fold of skin, often cause capillary form a layered or implode. Layered shortage tube formation is often associated with high temperature or a hot piercing punch related to the roll speed too fast, capillary stratification during reaming it will crack, can be clearly observed from the fracture to the layered morphology. Layered steel caused by the above reasons, when the processing of stainless steel tube into a mechanical elbow find internal cracks.

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