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  • 3PP Coating

    3PP Coating

    The 3PP means three layers of PP coating.

    PP three-tier structure of anti-corrosion pipeline: 

    the first layer of epoxy powder (FBE50 - 100um), 

    the second adhesive (AD) 250 - 400um, 

    the third layer of polypropylene (PP) 1.4 - 4.0mm. 

    Coating temperature up to 110 degrees.


    Φ159 - Φ1220



    Widely used in high surface temperature, according to the region longer underground water, gas, oil pipelines.

    Production process
    Pipe inspection → Derusting Test Pipe driving→ Secondary dedusting → Preheating→ Epoxy powder coating→ Gluing→ Painting PP→ Cooling stereotypes→ Ends processing final test Stacking.

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