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What is ERW in Pipe?

Date:2024-06-03    keywords: erw in pipe, erw pipe, erw vs smls, erw vs efw, erw pipe use
What is ERW in pipe?

Electric resistance welded (ERW) pipe is made from steel coil and the weld seam runs parallel to the pipe. 

Electric resistance welding is a welding process in which metal parts in contact are permanently joined by heating them with an electric current, melting the metal at the joint. Electric resistance welding is widely used, for example, in manufacture of steel pipe and in assembly of bodies for automobiles.

erw in pipe

What is the difference between ERW and EFW pipe?

ERW pipe manufacturing process includes HFW. ERW have low, medium, high frequency welding processes, and HFW is especially for high-frequency electric resistance welding. The differences between ERW and HFW steel pipe, EFW is a type of ERW process for ordinary and thin-wall thickness steel pipes.

What is the difference between SMLS and ERW pipe?

The fundamental difference between Seamless Pipes (SMLS) and ERW pipes is that the former is made of round steel billets that are heated and perforated, with no welds around the body; while ERW pipes are made of hot-rolled coils that are bent and deformed into circles or squares by a forming machine. , and then use the skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency current to heat and melt the edge of the tube blank, and perform pressure welding under the action of the squeeze roller to achieve production. There is a longitudinal weld parallel to the steel tube on the surface.

Where are ERW and seamless pipes used?

Generally speaking, seamless pipes are used where high pressure is required, and ERW pipes are used in medium and low pressure areas.

What is the difference between GI pipe and ERW pipe?

GI pipe is galvanized by immersing steel pipe in hot zinc. The advantage of using galvanized pipe is that the extra zinc coating helps make the pipe rust-proof when in contact with water, which can extend its life.

Common standards for ERW pipe:

The most common one on the market is ASTM A53 ERW Pipe. ASTM A53 refers to the steel pipe standard set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). It is suitable for general welding and seamless pipes for various purposes such as water supply, gas, steam, air conditioning and heating. Carbon steel pipe. The standard is divided into two types: Type E (Electric resistance welded pipe) and Type S (seamless pipe).

ERW pipe uses:

For ERW Line Pipe
For ERW Casing
For ERW Structure Tube
For High Pressure and High Temperature

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