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What Aspects Will be Affected by the Quality of Longitudinal Welded Pipes ?

Date:2020-11-05    keywords:longitudinal welded pipe, LSAW, pipe quality
The quality of straight seam welded pipe is a concern for users. Its quality is mainly composed of its own material, standard, wall thickness, weld and other factors. Under the same material and standard, the quality of steel pipe mainly depends on the wall. Thickness and quality of the weld.

Because of the wide range of users of LSAW steel pipes, we usually see projects such as brackets and water pipelines. Once the quality of LSAW pipes has problems, these projects will be affected, and the more serious ones will directly affect human safety.

At present, the wall thickness of straight seam welded pipes in the market is usually lower. Therefore, the lower range of the lower range is better than the lower range, and the pressure-bearing capacity is stronger. The quality of the weld is mainly based on the eye or through the flaw detection. The weld has no sand Uniform holes and welds are all high-quality products. According to its own structural characteristics, the longitudinally welded pipe has two main uses:
1. Used to transport liquids, such as water supply and drainage;
2. Based on the superior anti-corrosion performance of longitudinally welded pipes, it can also be used for the transportation of gas, petroleum and other chemical substances.

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