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What Are the Regulations for Hydrostatic Test of Casing Pipe?

Date:2019-09-25    keywords:casing pipe,hydrostatic test
Hydrostatic pressure test is an indispensable part in the manufacturing process of steel pipe. Its function is to detect the anti-leakage function of steel pipe under the standard test pressure and steady voltage. It is the same as the flaw detection process of ray and ultrasonic, and is an important means to check the overall quality of steel pipes. So what are the regulations for the hydrostatic test of the casing pipe? The following is simple for everyone:

 1. The hydrostatic test pressure value of the coupling and threaded pipe is the lowest value of the hydrostatic test pressure of the flat end pipe, the maximum hydrostatic pressure test pressure of the coupling, and the internal pressure leakage resistance, but the maximum pressure is 69 MPa, and 
the calculation pressure is The value is usually rounded to the nearest 0.5 MPa.
 2. According to the API requirements, the hydrostatic pressure test pressure measuring device should be calibrated within 4 months before each application.
 3. If the customer has unique requirements, a higher hydraulic test pressure can be used.
 4. Hydrostatic test leak is a proof of rejection.
 5. Except for the treaty between the purchaser and the manufacturer, the coupling blank, coupling material, adjacent raw material or Q125 steel grade short section does not require hydrostatic test.

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