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Difference Between Tubing and Casing Pipe

Date:2019-09-26    keywords:tubing,casing pipe,difference
What is the difference between tubing and casing pipe? Where is the oil well separately? Is the casing pipe the one that is the outermost layer of the well? Let me help you answer the following:

Tubing and casing pipe are essential tools for oil exploration.
The tubing is a tube that is lowered into the casing of the well when the well is being produced normally. From the well, the oil flows through the oil pipe into the ground and enters the gathering process. In the coal mining well, the combination of oil pipe, sucker rod and deep well pump draws oil to the ground and enters the gathering process.

The casing is a pipe that is lowered into the well after the drilling is completed. The casing and the well wall are cement-sealed, and then the perforating gun is used to align the perforation of the target layer, so that the oil flows through the rock layer, the cement ring, and the casing into the well. At the bottom, enter the tubing and come to the ground. The main role is:
1. Reinforce the well wall to prevent the formation from collapsing;
2. Separate different oil layers and water layers to achieve stratified mining;
3. Easy to implement fracturing, acidification and other measures and maintenance operations;
4. The formation of oil flow channels, with the oil pipe to achieve the purpose of oil recovery.

The order is: after the oil well is laid, the casing is placed, the casing and the well wall are sealed with cement, and the oil pipe is placed in the casing. The oil pipe is equipped with a downhole tool such as an oil packer and a pump. The sucker rod is inserted into the oil pipe, and the sucker rod pulls the piston of the pump to reciprocate up and down. In this way, the oil is pumped to the ground.

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