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What are the Inspection Methods of ERW Welded Pipe?

Date:2020-06-12    keywords:inspection methods,erw welded pipe
In order to protect the quality of the ERW welded pipe we produce, we will conduct quality inspection on each welded pipe produced. So what are the inspection methods for welded pipe? Today we will follow the editor of the Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd welded pipe manufacturer to understand a bit.

At present, the most common detection method we use is to use magnetic powder to detect the quality of the welded pipe. However, magnetic particle detection generally only detects defects on the surface of the welded pipe. There are many quality problems that cannot be well detected. The most professional detection method It is the use of ultrasound and radiation to cooperate with each other, so that the quality defects of the welded pipe can be detected sensitively, but this method has a drawback that the material, shape and size of the welded pipe cannot be well judged.

Any current detection method is a physical detection method, which can not only reduce the damage to the welded pipe material, but also accurately reflect the defect of the welded pipe material, and better obtain the quality information of the welded pipe. Of course, everything has its two sides. At present, such a detection method is not completely reliable. It is still necessary to tell us the answer based on customers' own experience in the long-term use and purchase process. Here we also remind you to choose regular welded pipes with good reputation and good reputation in the process of purchasing welded pipes, so as to reduce unnecessary losses.

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