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ASTM A179 Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2020-06-15    keywords:ASTM A179,seamless steel pipe
ASTM A179 is an American standard, cold drawn seamless low carbon steel heat exchanger and condenser steel tube.

ASTM A179 is equivalent to China's No. 10 high-quality low-carbon steel. The American ASTM standard of high-quality low-carbon structural steel has strict requirements on the surface finish of the steel pipe and the hardness of the steel. There is no perfect match for domestic steel grades. No. 10 high-quality carbon steel can only be said to be similar or similar to A179, but it cannot be completely replaced. Simply replacing with No. 10 steel may result in unqualified inspection. A179 is suitable for cold drawn high-quality low-carbon seamless steel tubes for heat exchangers and condensers.

The chemical composition of A179 steel is as follows:
Cabon: 0.06%~0.18%
Manganese: 0.27%~0.63%
Phosphorus: 0.035%
Sulfur: MAX 0.035%

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