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What are the Factors that Affect the Performance of Welded Pipes?

Date:2022-12-29    keywords: welded pipe, pipe performance
There are four main factors affecting the performance of welded pipes:

1. Raw materials. There are many types of raw materials for making welded pipes, and the properties of different types of steel may vary greatly.
2. Processing technology. The processing technology of welded pipe is mainly in two aspects of crimping and welding, such as high-frequency welded pipe (ERW pipe) has better performance than ordinary welded pipe.
3. Wall thickness. The pressure that the welded pipe can withstand is directly proportional to the wall thickness of the pipe.

4. Surface treatment. The surface treatment has little effect on the strength of the welded pipe itself, but it has a great influence on the anti-corrosion and other properties. The service life of the general galvanized welded pipe is much longer than that of the ordinary welded pipe.

LSAW welded pipe

We use a lot of steel pipes in our production and life, but there are many kinds of them. PMC will introduce the pipe types of steel pipe manufacturers below.

1. The difference between the seamless pipe and the seamed pipe (welded pipe): The seamed pipe is a pipe formed by curling the steel plate into a tubular shape and then welded. The seamless pipe is a one-piece pipe. Because there is no weld, the compressive capacity is stronger.

2. The welded pipes we usually refer to (high frequency welded pipes, spiral steel pipes) are all seamed pipes. General welded pipes, such as high-frequency welded pipes, can also be called straight seam pipes because the weld seam is a straight line. The weld seam of the spiral steel pipe is helical. The reason why the spiral welding method is adopted is that a steel pipe with a larger diameter can be welded with a steel material with a smaller width. In addition to these names, we have also heard of galvanized pipes, anti-corrosion pipes, etc., generally not specified, they are all made by adding anti-corrosion layers on the basis of seamed pipes.

No matter what kind of industry it is, when selecting welded pipes, it must comply with industry standards, otherwise there may be safety hazards.

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