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What are the Causes of the Wrong Side of Thick-Walled Straight Seam Steel Pipes?

Date:2019-12-31    keywords:thick-walled straight seam steel pipes,wrong side,causes
In the production process of thick-walled straight seam steel pipes, it is necessary to perform strict production processes. If the production process is unreasonable or the production equipment is not used properly, deviations will occur. This situation is called misalignment, which clearly leads it is necessary to prevent the cause of the misalignment of thick-walled straight seam steel pipes.

What are the causes of the wrong side of thick-walled straight seam steel pipes?
1. The thick side straight seam steel pipe has the wrong side, then you should first check whether the sickle of the steel belt is bent, the sickle bending is the main factor causing the wrong side of the steel pipe;
2. When the remaining height of the steel strip head-to-tail butt welding seam is relatively large, if the correct processing is not performed during forming, it will easily cause a large misalignment;
3. If the shape and dimensional accuracy of the uncut edges of the steel strip are relatively poor, then the steel strip will easily cause hard bending when docking, which will cause wrong edges;
4. If the condition of the edge of the steel strip is not good, it will also lead to the misalignment of the thick-walled straight seam steel pipe.

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