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Use and Description of Thick-walled Steel Pipe

Date:2019-08-06    keywords:thick-walled steel pipe,use,description
At present, large-diameter thick-walled steel pipes, large-diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipes, small-diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipes, special thick-walled steel pipes, large-diameter coiled pipes, thick-walled coiled pipes and other series of thick-walled steel pipes have been formed. It replaces the same standard imported steel pipe and is applied to hydraulic system piping.

Thick-walled steel pipes, which are steel pipes with a ratio of outer diameter to wall thickness of less than 20, are called thick-walled steel pipes. It is mainly used as petroleum geological drilling pipe, cracking pipe for petrochemical industry, boiler pipe, bearing pipe, and high-precision structural pipe for automobile, tractor and aviation.

The biggest difference between thick-walled steel pipe and thin-walled steel pipe is the thickness of the steel pipe wall. Generally speaking, thin-walled steel pipes are cold drawing technology, thick-walled steel pipes and thick-walled steel pipes generally use hot rolling technology, if they are distinguished by measurement units. Then, it is generally believed that the wall thickness/tube diameter equals 0.02 is the watershed of thick-walled steel pipes and thin-walled steel pipes, and the wall thickness pipe diameter is less than 0.02 is a thin-walled steel pipe, which is larger than a thick-walled steel pipe. In terms of use, thin-walled steel pipes are mostly used on pipes, and thick-walled steel pipes are mostly used for blanks, pressure-bearing and important pipes of hollow parts.

Thick-walled steel pipes are mainly used in water supply engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation, and urban construction. For liquid transportation: water supply and drainage. For body transport: gas, steam, liquefied petroleum gas. For structural use: for piling pipes, for bridges; for piers, roads, building structures, etc.

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